martedì 15 gennaio 2013

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Space Barnum, October 15th
The first presentation of Dynamica (dynamic University), took place at the Barnum, a multicultural space located in Bologna, in October 15th.

Spazio Barnum
Spazio Barnum
Emilio Fantin called the citizens to share an ambitious project aimed at creating a dynamic University where “conversations” and artistic practice, are tools to understand the culture of the present and to imagine the future. The goal of this first meeting was to involve, without placing limitations on roles and disciplines, all the people who are interested in a discussion about culture and education in order to build together new training practices: a university that fosters a conversation to address the current moment of cultural crisis and open up new visions. “I am very interested in suggestions and indications from people of different cultures. - Says Emilio Fantin - In this time of deep crisis, I think it is important not only to take note of the failure of some economic and social models, but also to try to play on the verge of knowledge, science and culture, to be able to imagine how to fill the vacuum that seems to oppress us. It is the theme of the “verge”, which allows you to look at things from different points of view, avoiding to be caught in the bonds created by prejudices, dogmas and obsolete paradigms. “The meeting was attended by people of different ages and experience. In the “ateneo dinamico”, the luck of experience of the students should be discussed with the witty comment of writers or researchers, the rigor of scientific reasoning should put in relation with the imaginative and intuitive character of an artistic process, the rigidity of a dogmatic thinking related to the enthusiasm and the curiosity of a young mind.  To witness the interest in this proposal, there were people of different ages, groups, activities, field of studies, and also of the institutions: attended, among others, Simona Lembi, chairman of the board of Bologna, Dede Auregli executive of the province of Bologna, Simona Brighetti of the “assessorato alla cultura di Bologna”, Milena Naldi, president of the “ Quartiere San Vitale”, thinkers and intellectuals including Professor Renato Barilli, Alessandra Borgogelli, Silvia Fanti, and the curators of the International Award Participatory Art, Claudia Löffelholz and Julia Draganovich

Giorgio Lulli e Emilio Fantin

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